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Your Thredbo questions answered

Need some fast facts about Thredbo? We have answered some of the most commonly searched for questions about Thredbo below. Read on and get prepared for your next holiday!

Where is Thredbo?

Thredbo is located in the Kosciuszko National Park. It’s a 6-hour drive from Sydney and 2.5 hours from Canberra. The nearest airport is at Cooma, which is about an hour from Thredbo. Buy your national park entry pass as you enter the park or purchase passes from the Thredbo Information Centre.

Your Thredbo questions answered, Boali Lodge

Aerial view of Thredbo in Summer. Image via Google Earth.


What is the altitude of Thredbo?

Thredbo village sits at an altitude of 1,365 m above sea level. Karel’s T-bar at 2037m is the highest lifted point in Australia and gives easy access to the pristine alpine back country. Make sure you ring the community bell when you’re up there! Thredbo has the steepest overall terrain in Australia and the longest runs including the leg burning 3.7km Supertrail. The higher altitude of Thredbo makes it an ideal place for athletes to train. Boali Lodge hosts swimming camps for members of the Australian Swimming Team every summer who come to train at altitude at the Thredbo Leisure Centre. We’ve also hosted schools, sports clubs and swimming clubs at the lodge who come to take advantage of Thredbo’s altitude.

Karels t bar Thredbo community bell

Ring the community bell at Australia’s highest lifted point at the top of Karel’s t-bar.


How far is Mount Kosciuszko from Thredbo?

Mount Kosciuszko is 6.6km from Thredbo, or a 13km round-trip walk in summer. In winter visitors can join an all day back country tour and ski and skin their way to Mount Kosciuszko. The summit of Mount Kosciuszko is 2228m and is gently sloped making it an achievable walk in summer for people of average fitness.

Thredbo guided hike Mount kosciuszko

The walk to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko.


How many lifts does Thredbo have?

Thredbo has 14 lifts – 3 high-speed quads chair lifts, 1 quad chair lift, 5 T-bars, 1 double chair lift, 3 snow runners and a new six person gondola due to open winter 2020. The Merrits Gondola whisks riders from Valley Terminal to the Cruiser area in just 6 minutes!

The beginners area of Friday Flat has easy to use lifts like the Easy Does It chair lift and three step-on step-off style snow runners to help make your first days learning to ski or snowboard as easy as can be.

Thredbo snow runner beginner skiing snowboarding

The snow runners on Friday Flat are ideal for beginners.


What should I wear at the snow?

It’s important to stay warm and dry no matter if you’re skiing, boarding or just playing in the snow. Being cold and wet will ruin your snow holiday!

The best way to stay warm while at the snow is to wear layers. A number of thin layers that trap warm air close to the skin is better than a couple of bulky jumpers. Thermal underwear are a good idea, look for thermals made of wool or the man-made polypropylene as both are great insulators. Top this off with a skivvy and a fleece jumper before adding your outer layers.

Jackets and snow pants that keep you dry and protect you from the wind are what is needed in the snow. Windproof and waterproof jackets and pants can be hired if you don’t have your own. A beanie or helmet designed for the snow is essential as a significant amount of heat is lost from the head. Waterproof gloves are, of course, essential too.

The snow produces large amounts of glare so it’s important to wear eye protection in the form of goggles or sunglasses. The best footwear for the snow are boots that have good grip and are waterproof. Often when it snows in the village paths can be slippery and icy. Having a good pair of après boots makes all the difference when venturing out!

what to wear in the snow

What to wear in the snow.

We hope this information helps you to get ready for your trip to Thredbo. If in doubt please email us on and we can help answer any other questions you may have.

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