The Boali Lodge Code of Conduct outlines expected – and acceptable – behaviours for Members, Guests and Visitors when staying at the Lodge.
This includes promoting safety, enjoyment, diversity, respect and inclusion.
*Resident = anyone staying at the lodge, including Members, Extended Family, Guests and Visitors.


Boali Lodge was formed in the mid-80’s by a group of keen skiers who wanted to create a comfortable, and family-orientated ski lodge, with quality facilities to enjoy throughout the year.

For most members, it is a home away from home. It is a place to have fun, to enjoy the company of family and friends and to relish a relaxing, stress-free holiday.

Boali is a club Lodge where membership is valued. Members take care of their Lodge and respect the rights of fellow residents to enjoy their time in the Lodge in their own way.
When guests are invited to share the Lodge, members take responsibility for them, for their behaviour and for their adherence to the values and culture, as well as the House Rules, during their stay.


1. Boali Lodge is a family friendly club lodge. Boali’s Managers and staff are to be treated with respect at all times. The managers have absolute discretion as to the operations of the lodge.

2. Treat the Lodge as you would your own home. All communal areas must be kept neat and presentable, so everyone feels welcome. Wipe the table and pick up your things before leaving the area.

3. If something is damaged, report it to the Managers. Accidents happen and you will only be asked to pay if the damage is wilful or the result of gross negligence.

4. Enjoy the company of your fellow members and guests during your time in the Lodge. Be as tolerant of noise and excitement as you are of the need for quiet and privacy for some. Understand that our residents are diverse. Be cautious with your complaints and, usually, address them to the Management Team before you engage in confrontation with another member or guest.

5. Rude, aggressive, intimidating, drunken, or offensive language or behaviour will not be tolerated.  If a resident’s language or behaviour continues to be unacceptable, after a reasonable warning where that is appropriate, the Managers, at their discretion and with full support of the Board, may require any resident to leave the Lodge.

6. Keep the volume to a minimum when socialising in the lounge after dinner. Excessive noise disturbs residents who are sleeping.

7. Appropriate dress standards should be observed in the public/common areas. Night attire e.g. pyjamas, and ski underclothing is not acceptable.

8. All outside shoes are to be left on shoe shelves located at the entrance doors. Ski boots are never allowed to be worn in the Lodge. Indoor shoes, slippers or socks only. No bare feet.

9. Smoking and vaping are discouraged and is never allowed anywhere inside, or on the lounge room  balcony.

10. Fire escapes & extinguishers are clearly marked throughout the Lodge. Please familiarise yourself with their position and do not obstruct them at any time.

11. Residents are responsible for the safety of their valuables, equipment and clothing while staying at Boali Lodge; the Board cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of these items.

12. No Ski or Bike Equipment is to be brought into any part of the lodge. Please use the storage and drying rooms on level 0.

13. No casual, overnight stays for friends or other guests are permitted without advance approval from the Booking Officer. This is both a legal requirement of the Lodge’s lease and a vital safety measure.

14. Any resident whose conduct is found by the Managers and Board to be unacceptable may have their bookings cancelled and/or refused future accommodation requests.

15. The Board reserves the right to accept or reject bookings at their discretion.


16. Boali is a family Lodge and children are always very welcome. But young children must be under the care and supervision of their parents, or guardian, in all areas of the Lodge, at all times.

17. Residents are accountable for their children’s behaviour during their stay and will be required to pay for any damaged property.

18. The play /movie room must be respected and tidied after every play time. Food and drink are not permitted in the playroom area.

19. The safety of children in the Lodge is our prime concern. Sometimes children behave in a way that causes annoyance to members and guests and it may also be unsafe. This includes:

  • repeatedly running up and down hallways and the stairwell
  • playing electronic games, music, television and creating noise at a high volume that disturbs others
  • treating toys, games and books in a disrespectful way
  • eating or drinking in the lounge area unsupervised

20. An older child above the age of 13 who, with reasonable cause, needs to be in the lodge unsupervised by parents, must have the consent from the Lodge Managers prior to being left alone.  The managers are not a baby-sitting service, any older child left unattended must be independently responsible.


Boali Lodge recognises the significant adverse health impacts resulting from COVID-19 and Influenza viruses. Being a communal space with shared amenities, – the primary objective of the Lodge is to take all reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of all people who choose to stay in and use the facilities of the Lodge.  The purpose of implementing the Covid-19 and Influenza Policy is to enable the Lodge to fulfil this primary objective.

21. By seeking entry or entering onto the lodge premises each person is deemed to have consented to the provision of the Covid-19 and Influenza Policy.


Visit our Guest Wellbeing page for the latest updates from Boali and check the latest NSW Health advice here.

Whether you have an existing booking, or you wish to consider our policies prior to booking, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Updated 30 June 2023