COVID-Safe practices at Boali Lodge this summer

This summer we are continuing a range of important practices to ensure we meet COVID-Safe requirements.

If you have concerns regarding COVID-19, rest assured Boali Lodge is taking social distancing, hygiene measures and visitor screening very seriously. We have increased our cleaning and sanitising procedures to ensure the health and comfort of our guests.

By arriving at the Lodge, you declare that you have not returned from overseas or been in contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days, or are suffering from cold and flu symptoms.  You also declare that you have not visited any part of the Northern Beaches “hotspot”, or attended any of the venues/public transport routes in relation to the Avalon outbreak (viewable on ) since 11 December 2020.

Arriving at the lodge

  • Due to cleaning procedures, guests are not permitted to enter the lodge earlier than 2pm.
  • On first entering the lodge, whether via the reception entry or ski entry, please immediately sanitise your hands.
  • Please ensure you have sanitised your hands before using the luggage lift on all levels.
  • Guest rooms have been equipped with hand sanitiser and a 2 in 1 detergent and lemon bleach disinfectant and cleaning product and a microfibre cloth for you to make use of during your stay. Please do not remove these from your room.
  • Common areas have been equipped with the same cleaning product and paper towel for your use also.

Meal times

  • Please sanitise your hands before entering the dining room.
  • Please follow social distancing requirements as indicated.
  • For all meals you will be allocated a table and time. Allocated meal time will be communicated via email 1 week prior to your visit.
  • Family groups will eat together.
  • Breakfast consists of a continental and cooked selection.
  • Lunch arrangements have changed. No buffet lunch will be offered, instead an individual packed lunch will be available for collection after breakfast. The packed lunch may be taken with you to eat out on your day’s activities, or stored in the guest fridge to eat in the dining room when you chose.
  • Dinner will be 2 courses – main and dessert.
  • If occupancy numbers at the lodge exceed 24, there will be two sittings for breakfast and dinner. This may be split by children and adults OR in family groups as decided by the Boali team depending on demographic of guests inhouse each week.
  • Usual meal times (up to 24 guests) are as follows:
    • Breakfast: 8am
    • Lunch: collect packed lunch after breakfast
    • Dinner: 6.30pm
  • If occupancy numbers at the lodge exceed 24, there will be two sittings for all meals to ensure capacity restrictions are observed.

First sitting:

Breakfast:                     7.30am – 8.00am

Dinner:                         6.00pm – 7.00pm

 Second sitting:

Breakfast:                     8.15am – 8.45am

Dinner:                         7.15pm – 8.15pm

Communal areas

  • Please sanitise your hands before entering any communal area.
  • Please be mindful of social distancing by ‘giving way’ in stairwells and corridors.
  • The total number of guests allowed in the lounge at any time is 24, appropriately socially distanced.
  • There will be no books, games or magazines provided so please bring your own.
  • The total number of guests allowed in the playroom at any time is 7, appropriately socially distanced.
  • We request that children under 15 years be supervised. Please ensure the play area/movie room is respected and tidied after play time.
  • There will be no toys in the playroom, so we ask parents to bring what your children need and make sure toys are not shared with others.
  • The total number of guests allowed in the adult tv room at any time is 3, appropriately socially distanced.

Sauna/Managers corridor

  • The sauna is closed this season. The Managers corridor will be closed and there will be no access to level 2 bathroom for guests.

Event of illness

Any guest at the lodge who becomes unwell and is showing signs/symptoms consistent with coronavirus, are required to notify the managers and immediately self-isolate. Family members will be encouraged to isolate too. As soon as it is practical, you and your family should return home and seek medical attention, even if this means leaving Boali during your booked stay.


  • To allow staff time to change over rooms and deep clean all the common areas as required by the COVID-safe plan, once you check out at 9:30am you cannot re-enter the lodge.
  • Unfortunately, lunch will not be provided on check out day –sorry!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience!

If you have any queries please contact us on 02 64 576 064 or 0474 240 447.

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