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Boali is a member-owned Lodge which welcomes family, friends and guests. The Lodge has 150 unitholder members. Initially the membership was split evenly between people from Canberra and from Sydney. Since those early years, membership has become much more widely dispersed across several States.

Boali is a private, members' lodge, which also accepts commercial guests. Our rates and overall club culture reflect a long and proud history of offering a 'home away from home' for members and guests.

The overall management of the Lodge is in the hands of a Board of up to 10 directors elected for two years on a rotational basis. From within that number, a Chair is appointed for a maximum period of two years. The current Chair is Kede Carboni.

Are you interested in becoming a Member of Boali Lodge? You can enjoy the friendly family atmosphere at member rates right throughout the year (winter and summer). The information here information here  will give you an overview of what membership provides. Contact our Membership Director , Geoff Burgess, to find out more.

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